August Ernst Hartman came to this country from Lubbecke, Wesphalia, Germany, in the Spring of 1882 when he was 15 years of age.  He couldn’t speak English, but was able to get a job at a fruit and vegetable stand in New York.  He moved to St. Louis and finally came to Indianapolis to live with some distant relatives who had settled here.  He worked in the Courthouse Grocery on the south side of Washington Street across from the courthouse.

Henry Schulmeyer was born in Germany and came to this country as a young man to live with other members of the Schulmeyer family living in Indianapolis.  His wife, Mary Spitzfaden, was born in Indianapolis, and was the daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Spitzfaden who were born in Germany.  Henry and Mary married and had one child, Elizabeth.  Mary Schulmeyer died at the age of 39 in 1890.  Elizabeth, who was 20 years old at the time, lived with her father for ahile: then at the urging of her grandparents, the Spitzfadens, went to live with them.  Henry Schulmeyer remarried.  He died in 1901.

August Hartman and Elizbeth Schulmeyer were married October 12, 1892.  August opened his own grocery store at 812 North west Street with some financial help from the Spitzfadens.  A daughter, Alma was born in 1893.  Ernest was born in 1895, and Harry was born in 1902.  In 1908, they moved into their new home at 3110 Graceland Avenue, and there they lived for the rest of their lives.

Ernest married Lucile Griffith in March, 1918, and soon afterward joined the army.  After Ernest returned home after the war, he started and upholstery business.  They had five childred:  Richard, Virginia (Gypei), Marcia, Jeanette and Carolyn.

Alma married Edward Richardson in June, 1918, and had three daughters:  eleanor, Mae. Marilyn and Evelyn.

Harry worked for Ernest in the upholstery business until 1930 when he started his own upholstery business.  He married Helen Olsen in 1934, and they had two children: a daughter, Betty, and a son, David.