Husband wife team dynamic duo

Linda Mordoh / Larry Hughey

Larry D. Hughey

Larry Hughey and Linda Mordoh are a dynamic duo in the Indianapolis area interior design field.  Matching a top notch upholstery shop with one of the area’s best interior designers naturally leads to excellence.  On June 3, 2019, Linda and Larry will have been married eleven years.


Craig Woods

Craig Woods is our master upholsterer.
Craig has many years of experience in the upholstery business.
I really enjoy working with Craig everyday bouncing ideas off of each other.

We take each others years of experience and create master pieces.


Randy Schwind

Randy is self employed and works for Hughey Hartman part time.
If you need a pool table recovered give him a call.
His attention to detail is fantastic.
Randy is a avid motorcyclist and started Indianapolis Vintage Motorcycle

Upholstery manufacturing. Seamstress working with sewing machine in tailor studio.

This could be You!


Hughey Hartman is always looking for skilled people to add to our team.  I must comment that upholstery seems to be a dying trade.  I comment all the time that it is not rocket science but the attention to detail has to be their and the ability to follow directions.  Most technicians have many years of experience.  If you have a love of working with your hands and would love to learn a trade please contact me.


Luanna Albrecht

Luanna is a Real Estate Agent.
She is working on a limited basis to explore learning upholstery.
If you are looking for a home pleasae contact her.


Daphine Lindsey

Daphine is an independent contractor.
She worked for my father for many years.
I consider her the very best seamtress in the midwest.
Daphine in her spare time bakes and goes to church.