Couches are one of the most widely used furniture at home. Except for the bed, there is no place else where we spend as much time as we do on the couch. Whether we are watching Netflix or having a little chat with our friends, we always opt for the couch, mainly because it can accommodate several people at a time and because it is so cosy and comfortable to sit on the couch!

And that is why it is a little surprise that couches can look less-than perky in a few years of time.

And the big question is, is it worth to reupholster a couch? Or it is wiser to just buy a new one?

The answer is yes. Yes, it is worth reupholstering a couch if the frame is not damaged. Reupholstering is much eco-friendlier and more sustainable than throwing out your couch every time the fabric gets torn. As long as the frame is not broken, it is always a good idea to go to your nearest upholstery shop and ask for professional help to save your couch. And there are some more reasons why you should choose reupholstering rather than buying a new couch.

There are so many memories attached to it

A couch is a long-term resident at your place. And as such, it is bound to have some great memories linked to it. Perhaps you have memories on the couch with your friends. Perhaps your kid took her first steps leaning against that couch. Perhaps this couch is a gift from your grandma. Whatever it is, it is quite hard to live without something that you have an emotional attachment with. That is why it is a good idea to reupholster rather than throwing it away.

The couch can be an antique piece

Perhaps, your couch is an antique piece of furniture produced a century ago. Then, we recommend that you upholster it, no questions asked. Considering the price of antique pieces on the market, it is always a good idea to keep your antiques with you. For it to last this long, somebody must have invested time and effort in maintaining it and it is always worth it to honour their efforts. And also, the aesthetic value of an antique piece can never be replaced with a brand-new couch.

It is very high quality and has an unusual frame

Is your couch a premium-quality high-end piece of furniture? Or does it have intricate carving and unique curves? If so, it is worth reupholstering it. Under that worn-out fabric, there may be a uniquely- shaped frame that is worth preserving. Besides, if it is high quality, it will probably cost you less to reupholster than to buy a brand-new couch of the same quality.

Doing your part for the environment

Reupholstering is environment-friendly. When you are reupholstering a couch, you are reducing the number of couches that end up on a landfill, polluting the environment. If you reupholster, you are not only saving the life of a couch but also the environment.

The structure and the frame of your couch are not broken

If the inner frame and the structure of your couch are not broken, you have every reason to go for reupholstering. With a few yards of fabric, you can bring new life to that frame. Plus, you will save some money in the long run.

If you feel like your couch hasn’t reached its ripe old age yet, you can consider reupholstering. The talented and highly experienced professionals at Hughey Hartman Upholstery will guide you through the entire reupholstering process. We can extend the life of your sofa. Contact us at 317-844-4800.